Born to DIY!

Is that leftover cabbage soup? Why am I so proud of this gunk and what the heck is it anyway?
This, my friends is how spring 2017 is going to save me a lot of money on Glade plugins and essential oils. Granted, it looks pretty disgusting right now but it is already starting to smell delicious. It is a big jar of DIY potpourri oil in progress.
My daughter and I found some really delicious smelling flowers on a tree along our walk the other day and my own honeysuckle and jasmine and roses are in full aromatic bloom and I decided to put it all to good use. 

I experimented last year and, for Glade plug-in refilling and other scent-diffusing purposes I find that sunflower, safflower and grapeseed oil work the best, as they don’t have quite as pungent of an odor as olive oil (probably the most popular oil for home-bottled potpourri, according to the internet).
This stuff is super fun and easy to make. For this batch, I just filled up a container with petals from the honeysuckle, jasmine, mystery plant and rose bushes and added a little bit of orange peel and whole allspice and cinnamon bark. I poured sunflower and grapeseed oil over the mixture and put the lid on the container. Since I used those orange peels and it is already apparent it is going to be a major year for flies and San Antonio, I decided to brew this stuff in the refrigerator, though last year I just brewed it on the shelf and it turned out great! 

After a couple of weeks, you can strain the mixture through a cheesecloth and voila – DIY fragrance oil.

As I mentioned earlier, I actually used this stuff to refill Glade Plug-ins cartridges by simply popping out the stopper, which holds the wick and keeps the oil from spilling. Then I used a funnel to pour the mixture and replaced the stopper and reinstalled the cartridge. 

Sometime in the near future I will research what sort of wicking material might work in order to just completely replace the factory wick and start “fresh” with a homemade scent, worthy of its own wick.

First one came out so well that I made a second batch with coconut oil and grapeseed oil. I may add some fattier oils to make it some sort of nice lotion.

Since I am brand new at this fragrance oil thing, let me know if you have any pointers for me and, to the rest of you, I hope you enjoy this recipe!

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