Maybe an autosuggest sesh would cheer me up. 

Not feeling the week of April 3 so far. I just want to metaphorically die (quit misusing “literally”). If they ever amend the elements of style or the dictionary to include “not literally”, I will literally not shoot myself.
 Right now, I’ve got a lifetime piling up ever higher as I fall further and further behind. I probably won’t but sometimes I feel like I’m going to die from the stress alone. Bad days are the worst. Nobody’s day was any better today, because of me and the day left me with yet another laundry list of problems to solve and stressful things to do and things that make me feel awkward. I am about 50 loads deep in laundry.
The item I have been excited to receive in the mail came but I was not home so I didn’t get it. Tomorrow hopefully.
Twas a doozy of a day.

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