4:02 on 4/28

Today’s playlist:

Yesterday (Beatles)

These days (Joy Division)

Today (smashing pumpkins)

No Milk Today (herman’s hermits)

Bad Days (flaming lips)

(All because of you days?)


Think about the days (beach boys)


Some Days are Better Than Others (Brian Eno)


(Tomorrow by Silverchair if we let it get desperate and dorky and played out

(like me?  me? Love me?))

Once in a lifetime (talking heads)

One of these days (velvet underground)

Days (the drums)

Yore Days (apples in stereo)

The Happiest Days of Our Lives (echo and the bunnymen)


These days (because there is more than one these days)(the rentals)

I don’t need brighter days (atmosphere)

The happiest days of our lives (pink floyd)

Days like this keep me warm (polyphonic spree)

Those were the days (cream)

Strange Days (the doors)


The fairest of the seasons (nico)

Tonight (from the westside story)

Tonight, tonight (smashing pumpkins)


Ugly (violent femmes)

It is a work in progress. LOL.

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