Dear hacker,

I’m a girl on a mission. Now I know the who, what AND the where and how I was hacked, just not the #why. Why do you get a kick out of annoying someone you hardly know with #stupid, mildly destructive, nagging little tricks? Why don’t you put your time and effort into something gainful? I pose this #question not just to you but to all the online mischief makers who put so much if not all of their free time into pestering strangers with perniferous, prying, pointless #pranks.

Why not find a job or independently contract in the tech field if you enjoy it that much? Those #skills could potentially pay the bills. I’m sure you can use the money, since you obviously don’t have a job if you have this much time on your hands.

You may believe you are outwitting all of your victims, but the fact of the matter is that the average joe doesn’t have the time to go learn Ruby or research every little #tech vulnerability you might be #exploiting. Wouldn’t it be more #fun to play on an even playing field, perhaps working in ethical hacking or whatever niche you like. Then you won’t be the only person who can appreciate your exploits, aside from others like you, who are picking on people with a different skill-set. If anything, your MO is indicative, not of intelligence but of #cowardice.

Even in the unlikely event that I fail to meaningfully hinder or #destroy you, you are going to cross the wrong person eventually if you fail to heed my advice, and continue to waste everyone’s time. If nothing else, stick to wasting your own.

If you’re hacked, file a report  with the FBI at http://www.ic3.gov. If you’re a hacker, Cut it out #cyberbully #hacker. Pick on someone your own size. Get #paid. #stopbullying

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