Don’t mind me

I thought this might be an easy place to remember to store my crochet patterns in progress.

Monster foot 

7 single crochet in a magic loop



Single crochet n half double crochet in first Stitch 2 half double crochet in next 5 stitches half and single crochet in 7th Stitch single crochet in the rest of the 28 other stitches 

Single crochet in back Loop only all the way around

Single crochet then decrease 5 x

Single crochet four. decrease and single crochet 5 times

Single crochet 2 times half double crochet decrease 6 times 

Single crochet four

Single crochet decrease two times

Single crochet 5

 half double decrease and half double 2 times

Single crochet around 2 times . I count fifteen stitches around now. 

Now make a leg

Single crochet around 10 times

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