Rain Cloud Lamp Idea

Experimenting with an idea I had for a balloon cloud Lamp.

I tied balloons to strings

And twisted them together.

Then I used glue and fabric to make a hard shell. I went too heavy with the paint.

Luckily I have another layer to add over the lights

Making raindrops from fishing line and hot glue.

Update: There are a few oven bake clay and glitter/bead raindrops I have yet to add but I think it is otherwise done. Now working on a sunrise.

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Looky looky

I recently saw a pin on Pinterest for oven bake clay eyeballs. 

I decided to try to take it a step further and make oven baked safety back doll eyeballs. I took a cookie sheet I no longer want and drilled holes in it, which are approximately the same size as the posts on the store-bought doll eyeballs I have.
I shaped my clay so that it sticks through those holes.

 In theory, when the eyeballs are all ready to go, I should be able to use my pre-made safety backs to adhere them to my crochet dolls.

 If it works I’m sure I can come up with an easy-to-make safety back of my own.

I will let you guys know how it goes.

Here are the instructions for the regular eyeballs: