Can’t wait to see how this one turns out. In retrospect, not too keen on the colors but it is what I had on hand (made from an old blanket and pillow). I was considering making a whole bunch of pricey and time-consuming felt balls to give the disc of this flower realistic florets but then I realized that it would save a whole bunch of time and money if I just took the stuffing from an old pillow and used a hot glue gun to shape pinches of it into little balls, which I would then paint and adhere to a centerpiece. I like the effect. It’s about 17 inches across, so it’s pretty good sized too!

More Flowers

Churning out lots of flowers for Etsy. They are hard, enamel coated, fabric “kanzashi” flowers.Most people have been buying them to create INDOOR gardens but they are a nice addition to an OUTDOOR garden as well. My mother’s still looks as nice as the day I planted it in her garden in September.
I just made a rose prototype and my daughter won’t give it back LOL. I guess I’ll have to make another. She wants that one too though.

3 a.m. Double Challenge 

I’ve recently become aware of the existence of so-called 3 a.m. Challenge YouTube videos. My 7 year old can’t get enough of them. From what I’ve seen, it is a bunch of other kids her age who perform various tasks at 3 a.m., which inevitably turn out quite spooky. Either there are more bad moms out there than I ever realized or some of those videos were probably not made at 3 a.m. Time will tell. If they were, there should be double the daily average tomorrow, because those kids have twice the 3 a.m. recording time this morning. Don’t forget to set your clocks back. Let me know if you do it at exactly 3 a.m. and anything spooky happens.

Happy Halloweenation

I wonder how many people are going to dress up as Martin Luther tomorrow, in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Probably someone. Anybody in the house planning to do so? If so, say Amen! Happy Halloweenation! Funny that such an anniversary would fall on a day of celebratory debauchery. I bet Martin Luther would have found at least 96 things wrong with that.

Zero Day Life Hack 1.2

So I was trying to come up with some way to make a vase for some giant kanzashi flowers I am making as a gift. I am trying out an idea I had, using fabric and super glaze and glue and balloons and tape and a chip can top to make the bottom flat. I taped the balloons together and the lid to the bottom, coated the thing with elmers glue and applied the fabric. Later, when it had dried, I came back with another layer of Elmer’s Glue on top and I will probably do at least one or two more before I coat it with super glaze and then pop the balloons and coat the interior with super glaze as well so it can hold liquid if someone were so inclined to put actual flowers in it. Elmer’s glue is only $10 per gallon but super glaze is pretty darn expensive. Totally worth it though. I will let you know how it turns out.

Next day:

I will make this quick because I just got super glaze in my hair from a dripping flower. So far so good. I think I went overboard on the glitter but can you ever really go overboard on the glitter? Yes. No matter… Here’s where I am at:

These are the flowers

These are the stems 

The next day:

Popped my damn balloons too soon so the vase became deformed. Glued and decoupaged the base of a cool whip container to my vase. Definitely added some much-needed structure. Don’t think I’ll be making many more fabric vases. It is kind of a needless bitch.5. 

Next day:

Widened the brim a bit and prepared a fancy lip, using the hem of a cocktail dress, some foil, fabric and glue. I thought this thing would be done on day 1. When things go awry, a one day project can easily become a 1 week project. Still have high hopes for finished product.