Oh yeah…

I just realized that, 20 years later, I can recall the very instant at which an imprudent, impromptu and, then, uncharacteristic, decision, sent me off course to the fulfillment of my long-held raison d’être and, ultimately, my hopes and dreams. Sometimes it is hard to reconcile aspiration with actuality – desideratum and residuum but it is requisite to the realization of some reimagined existence. The alternative is a life of perpetual subsistence, which is hardly a life at all. It’s an interesting realization, nothing more.


Zero Day Life Hack 2000

I really need to come up with an official way of numbering these but up until now, at least they’ve made more sense than the names of Microsoft Windows releases.

Requiring some fairly large jump rings for a project, upon which I am pondering,

I decided that, perhaps it would make a bit more sense to buy some Harbor Freight long nose pliers and file them down until they are nice and round, than it would to make the rings out of teeny weeny little beading pliers.

I’ve got my Harbor Freight pliers and my Harbor Freight file and I’m ready to go to town. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Update: I decided to go a little bigger and, quite successfully, turned my largest old pair of pliers into, beautifully functioning, giant jewelry pliers. Using files alone on the hardened steel would have taken ages, so I did most of the shaping with a grinding wheel and then smoothed it out with the files. If you have a grinding wheel, an angle grinder, dremel tool or other rotatory tool with a grinding attachment and a set of files, this is a valuable life hack for the jewelry enthusiast.

A word to the wise: if you don’t have much experience shaping metal with an electric grinding tool, start with a light touch because you will be surprised at how quickly a grinder gets the job done. In mere seconds, you can completely destroy whatever you are shaping if you are not careful.


15 minute scrap necklace

This would make a great last minute gift. I threw it together in a jiffy. I got the idea as I was sorting through the tangled mass of yarn, which was taking over the floor of my room. I started putting like strands of fabric and yarn together to make a super chunky yarn. Once I had achieved my desired thickness, I twisted the scraps together and rolled them into a ball. I used my arm to crochet this simple necklace and gave it a more polished look by adding metal chain with some wire, hot glue and fabric scraps.

In case you don’t know how to arm crochet, here is a video with instructions.


I simply must

Try my hand at 3 dimensional resin renderings of my ridiculous, tedious photo creations.
I found this on Amazon.

Then I realized that ignored notifications almost filled the notification bar.

Here is some other stuff I am doing:

Magic duels

and A bunch of other stuff I don’t have time to explain but speaks for itself.


Vegetable placenta soothes the soul!

#Wow! I didn’t realize how many “flavors” this Korean cloth mask thing came in. I was happy enough when it was just acai, grape and goat barnacle, as far as I knew. Then, I found this one. 

At first, I had my doubts that it was really made from vegetable placenta, based on my vague understanding of biology and horticulture but I was reminded of veggie tales and attack of the killer tomatoes and the California raisins and all the other sentient vegetarian food coma brainchildren of the 90s… vegetable placenta could be, nay, probably is, indeed, a thing, if Larry the Cucumber (fruit, I know) has anything to say about it. My only complaint is that the eye holes are a bit too slanty for my big, striking, American eyes (I’ve used about 6 of these and I see no way, short of widening the holes up a bit, to get a comfortable fit – that was not intended as a racist joke). Even if they lacked eyeholes altogether, I would still love these things! Awesome gift from my sister Christy!


All I’ve got is not a lot, though I’ve got a lot to learn to earn a chance to be realistically regarded in your world.  

I pretend to know what I am looking at but I won’t until I do my penance

But first you’ve got to prove me as wrong as i know I am and let me suffer. 

Then I’ll get it.