Racing slick ottoman project in distress 😣

I rarely buy suspiciously cheap Amazon items with under ⭐⭐⭐⭐, but the⭐⭐⭐ 100 led light string, I used in this soon-to-be ottoman/table was such a “good deal”. Sadly, finding the short, which took out half of the lights, is going to cost me some serious time. Nice effect otherwise. 

Don’t buy these if you happen to be considering it, especially for a labor-intensive project.



Can’t wait to see how this one turns out. In retrospect, not too keen on the colors but it is what I had on hand (made from an old blanket and pillow). I was considering making a whole bunch of pricey and time-consuming felt balls to give the disc of this flower realistic florets but then I realized that it would save a whole bunch of time and money if I just took the stuffing from an old pillow and used a hot glue gun to shape pinches of it into little balls, which I would then paint and adhere to a centerpiece. I like the effect. It’s about 17 inches across, so it’s pretty good sized too!


More Flowers

Churning out lots of flowers for Etsy. They are hard, enamel coated, fabric “kanzashi” flowers.Most people have been buying them to create INDOOR gardens but they are a nice addition to an OUTDOOR garden as well. My mother’s still looks as nice as the day I planted it in her garden in September.
I just made a rose prototype and my daughter won’t give it back LOL. I guess I’ll have to make another. She wants that one too though.


Rain Cloud Lamp Idea

Experimenting with an idea I had for a balloon cloud Lamp.

I tied balloons to strings

And twisted them together.

Then I used glue and fabric to make a hard shell. I went too heavy with the paint.

Luckily I have another layer to add over the lights

Making raindrops from fishing line and hot glue.

Update: There are a few oven bake clay and glitter/bead raindrops I have yet to add but I think it is otherwise done. Now working on a sunrise.


3 a.m. Double Challenge 

I’ve recently become aware of the existence of so-called 3 a.m. Challenge YouTube videos. My 7 year old can’t get enough of them. From what I’ve seen, it is a bunch of other kids her age who perform various tasks at 3 a.m., which inevitably turn out quite spooky. Either there are more bad moms out there than I ever realized or some of those videos were probably not made at 3 a.m. Time will tell. If they were, there should be double the daily average tomorrow, because those kids have twice the 3 a.m. recording time this morning. Don’t forget to set your clocks back. Let me know if you do it at exactly 3 a.m. and anything spooky happens.