Crocheted yarn monsters

I jokingly refer to the tangled mess of yarn, which is ever growing in the corner of my room, as the yarn monster. Hating to waste all that yarn, one day, I had the idea to start a ball out of pieces of the yarn and turn it into much cuter yarn monsters with hand-painted eyes. My daughter is a big fan. I stuffed the larger one (big sis Sneasel is 2.75′ tall) with pieces of an old down coat, so she is super snuggly.

I think the Cyclops (Snuggles) is cuter though.

Zero Day Life Hack 1.0

Life Hack: noun

  1. Informal. a tip, trick, or efficient method fordoing or managing a daytoday task oractivity; a hack: a lifehack for overcomingsocial anxiety; a computer programmer’s bestlifehacks.

I changed the phone number to which my 2FA was associated and have been locked out of my account for a while and busy but, hey guys, I’m back.

During my absence, you guys missed out on some crazy creations and some clever life hacks. In my experimentatio n, l had an idea for a blog series: Zero Day Life Hacks- real world pen testing- Universal exploits as they unfold.

Today I needed something to hold my ID and credit cards and cash pocket onto my everything-holster (so far it holds my pistol and vaporizer and phone) but lacked any velcro or snaps and can’t find the hot glue either so I found an old jacket with snaps that are affixed mechanically. If I had been able to find pliers I probably could have reinserted the snaps the same way they came out but I only had a drill bit. So the female part is pretty easy to figure out how to remove. It has two little pieces that when pushed in toward each other release the bottom part from the top part. I popped it off no problem but the other side was not so easy. I then realized that if you just turn the two pieces of female snap inside out, you can turn it into a snap by itself.

Simple and effective.